The pandemic has made it impossible for anyone to see live performances, but that didn’t stop one local high school from making the best of it.

With the help of Tinker Swiss Cottage, Midway Village Museum, and Rock Valley College, the kids in Harlem High School’s drama club adapted to the COVID-19 mitigations and filmed a version of Little Women.

In February, they debuted the production to be purchased and viewed on Vimeo. All the proceeds went towards benefiting the Harlem High School Performing Arts Program. Now, on June 11th, they are presenting their performance on the big screen!

You can watch their production of Little Women at Harlem High School on June 11th at 7 p.m., with an admission of $5.

These students have put their heart and soul into this production, so show your support for local theater and Harlem High School students. Watch the trailer below!