On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the Village of Machesney Park will celebrate 40 years since it became an  official Village in the State of Illinois on February 24, 1981. 

“We have so much to celebrate in Machesney Park on this 40-year milestone,” said Village of Machesney Park  Mayor Steve Johnson. “When we think about our history, there are many things ‘Made in Machesney’ that  make our Village an amazing place. With manufacturers like Henning and companies like Field Fastener, our  40th Anniversary is a perfect time to reflect on what makes us great as a community.”  


“Many amazing things are built by wonderful companies right here in our hometown,” said Mayor Johnson.  “Our low cost of living, high quality of life, and competitive wage rates benefit both our employers and their  employees. As home to global leaders of both manufactured products and cutting-edge technologies, our  entire region can be proud of what’s made in Machesney Park, Illinois.” 

“Hennig Inc. has enjoyed being a part of the Machesney Park community for the past 40 years,” said Hennig  Inc. President & CEO Dietmar Goellner. “From humble beginnings as a small start-up manufacturer, Hennig has  grown to become the village’s largest employer. We are honored and grateful for the support we receive from  the leaders of Machesney Park. Despite the pandemic, we recently completed a $20 Million investment in a  state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to expand our capabilities. We are poised to hire about 75 more  employees by the end of 2021. Machesney Park has been a crucial piece of the puzzle to help us continue to  grow.” 

“Midwest Packaging and Container is proud to have operated and thrived in the Village of Machesney Park for  the past 23 years,” said Midwest Packaging and Container President Robert Young. “In our time in Machesney  Park, Midwest Packaging has grown from humble beginnings and has added two major building expansions,  created over 100 jobs, and invested tens of millions of dollars into machinery, efficiencies, and technology. Our  location has been instrumental for our growth as a company with our proximity to major industrial markets  along the I-39/I-90 corridor. Midwest Packaging is proud to congratulate the Village on this wonderful  milestone of 40 years!” 

“Field moved to Machesney Park in 1997 and has not looked back,” said Field Fastener President & CEO Jim  Derry. “Our Mission is to Improve Lives. Not only the lives of our Team Members, customers, and suppliers, but  the communities we operate in. We are so grateful to operate in Machesney Park and give back to the very  community who has supported us throughout the years! When we first moved to Machesney Park, we were 22  Team Members strong. We are happy to report now that we are 205 strong across the country! Machesney  Park is very well suited for growing companies and business people alike. There is nowhere else we would  rather call home.”

“Pig Minds Brewing Company will be celebrating its ninth year in operation,” said Pig Minds Brewing Co.  Founder Brian Endl. “We are the country’s first vegan brewery, and our kitchen staff designs delicious vegan  comfort food and our brew staff concocts a variety of beers. We employ around 35 exceptional staff members,  and we’re thankful to be located in Machesney Park. The community has been very supportive of us!” 

“MAS moved to Machesney Park in July 2007,” said Midwest Aero Support, Inc. President Brent Johnson. “The  building we purchased fit our needs and had the ability to grow with the company. We have expanded our  aerospace repair capabilities to include aircraft structures such as flight control surfaces, and we were recently  awarded a distributorship for Safran Aerospace including evacuation, oxygen, and de-ice systems.”  

“With a competitive Midwest location along I-39/I 90, a skilled and educated workforce, and six actively  developing industrial parks, Machesney Park is well suited to continue growing our industrial base by attracting  more manufacturers, business parks, and logistics and distribution companies,” said Village Administrator  James Richter II. “Our quality of life – with a shopping corridor that’s home to national big box stores, smaller  specialty retail outlets, and numerous national and local restaurants – also helps us attract and retain  employers and their employees.”  

Examples of products Made in Machesney include: 

Applied Products is an industry-leading supplier of high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives to  many OEM industries, including HVAC, construction, automotive, and appliance manufacturing 

Crandall Stats & Sensors manufactures thermostats, humidistats, pressure sensors, receiver  controllers, relays, and accessories 

Curtis Metal Finishing Company applies engineered coatings on fasteners and small metal components 

Electroform is a leader in offering product development, injection molds, automation and injection  molding for the plastics industry 

Field Fastener is a full-service, data-driven, on-demand fastener supply and engineering partner 

Hennig designs and manufactures quality machine protection and chip/coolant management products  for machine tool customers 

Interstate Graphics, Inc. offers screen printing and digital printing on an extensive line of materials and  the abilities to finish products with multiple fabrication processes and tools  

ITW Shakeproof Industrial (Illinois Tool Works is the parent company) is a leading designer and  manufacturer of value added, high quality engineered hardware solutions 

Midwest Aero Support offers electronic and mechanical manufacturing services in addition to repair  capabilities

Midwest Packaging & Container manufactures shipping containers and industrial crating  

North American Clutch & Driveline is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and industrial clutches,  clutch systems, and power take-off assemblies 

Parkway (formerly Littlestar Plastics) is a prototype to production manufacturer of complex, precision,  and high-tolerance plastic components for leading companies in many industries, including aerospace,  defense, food service and agriculture 

Pig Minds Brewing Co. creates handcrafted ales in a variety of styles and is America’s first and only  vegan brewery 

Plastic Parts International, Inc. is a versatile pioneer in the plastics industry with injection molding  machines that are equipped with advanced microprocessor controls to ensure superior accuracy and  outstanding product consistency 

Pneumatic Cylinders & Couplers specialize in aluminum and stainless steel cylinders  

Quantum Design is a leader in the automation control industry providing complete turnkey solutions  from design engineering through control panel assembly to several manufacturing industries

Rg Manufacturing and Machining produces prototypes, pre-production, and samples that require First  Article Inspection, Level 4 PPAP, or First Article Qualification Package 

Rusco Manufacturing utilizes 100+ pieces of CNC equipment to provide machining services  

Spider Company manufactures aero-space products that appear in Boeing planes and jet engine after  burners 

Superior Joining Technologies specializes in Micro-TIG and Micro-Laser welding, laser beam welding,  3D Multi-axis Laser cutting, CNC Machining, Fluorescent Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle Inspection,  and more 

Swebco Manufacturing Inc is a premier manufacturer of close tolerance, high temperature precision  machined parts 

Tri-Part Screw Products manufactures high precision machined parts  

Weldments Inc fabricates heavy duty steel weldments, up to 35 tons, with precise requirements at an  economical price  


The area that is presently known as Machesney Park was first settled when large areas of Northern Illinois  were opened for settlement in the early 1830’s after the end of the Black Hawk War. 

Residential development began to grow in the early 20th century and started to boom in the 1920’s. During this  time, the Harlem Consolidated School District was formed to serve the educational needs of the growing  community. 

The name “Machesney Park” is derived from the Machesney Airport, which was founded in 1927 by barnstormer/aviator Fred Machesney. The airport was located where the Machesney Park Town Center is  today (formerly known as the Machesney Park Mall).  

The area continued to grow after World War II, which led to the formation of the North Park Public Water  District and a volunteer firefighting company. 

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It wasn’t until 1980 when citizens began a grass-roots incorporation movement to form a Village. On February  24, 1981, voters decided in a referendum to form the Village of Machesney Park, and the first Village officers  were elected in spring of 1982.  

To date, there have been: 

7 Mayors 

44 Trustees 

4 Clerks 

“Reflecting on our rich history, I’m honored to serve as Mayor of the Village of Machesney Park,” said Mayor  Johnson. “We are a family-friendly community that offers quality services. Thanks to our outstanding school  system in the Harlem School District, the absence of a local property tax, and miles of Rock River frontage,  Machesney Park is one of the most desirable locations in Northern Illinois to live, work, and play.”

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