Here are today’s Nerd News! headlines:

That’s What She Watched: According to figures from Nielsen the most streamed show in the past year was The Office. And apparently it wasn’t even close. It makes sense since the show was about to leave Netflix for the less accessible Peacock. The numbers show that Americans watched 57 BILLION minutes of the office in 2020. To give you a comparison point, the second place show Grays Anatomy, was at 39.4 billion minutes.

Related to That: Studies show that we now officially watch our apps more than live TV. We spend 4 hours each day watching apps and 3 and half watching live TV and that’s not just here, and it’s not just one demographic, it’s everyone. We’re all being eaten alive by our devices. Source.

The Comeback Cap: And according to reports, Chris Evans is in talks to return as Captain America in future MCU projects. Evans could come back for not just one, but possibly two films. Evans has said that he’d come back only if it was a story worth telling and not just a cash grab.