Byron High School student Victoria Kuzlik created the Coats For Hope Drive years ago in response to her our experience with Domestic Violence. In 2020, the 6th annual drive is bigger than ever and here’s how you can help.

Victoria is collecting gently used and new donated coats, even hats and scarves, and cash donations. She is then donating them to local Domestic Violence Shelters in the Stateline. Look for drop off locations and boxes at participating locations. She will even roll to your company or business and collect them. Go to for more.

The goal this year is to raise enough funds to help out all 4 shelters. If 1,000 people to donate $20.00 each, then we will make our goal.

She is collecting in Byron, Janesville, Rockford, loves Park, Dixon, Oregon and many other cities in the Stateline.

​”The more we get out the word about the fund raiser and also to shine a light on Domestic Violence, the better off we are. If we can make a difference in 1 persons life and help them move out of a violent situation or touch one child’s heart to let them know that none of what has happened is in anyway there fault, then it is all worth it.” states Victoria

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