Looking for a safe way to have with fun friends or family? Take part in the Road Rally Scavenger Hunt in Beloit on Sunday September 20.

The Beloit Evening Lions Club sponsors the road rally scavenger hunt, a driving tour where your group competes in a very casual outing to win prizes. As each team leaves the “gate,” they receive a “rally packet” with directions and questions for items to find. While it’s not a race based on time, it still has a competitive spirit and requires team-work in order to end up as the grand prize winner.

This event will start and end at Beloit’s Preservation Park. Participants will line up starting at 8AM and follow a designated route. The rally takes 1 hour to complete and is a total of 35 miles. The last time to leave to start the course will be 12PM. Upon completion of the hunt, participants will  hand in their answers and leave. The person/team with the correct answers will be notified after the event. There will be 10 place winners with 1st prize being $100; all the way down to 10th place paying $20. Winners will be based on having all correct answers. In case of a tie, they will use mileage and do a random drawing.

The cost to participate is $20 per car. All participants must sign a registration form and a release form. The event is open to the general public, not just those with classic cars. Participants will not be allowed to exit their vehicles at the park.  Learn more or sign up here.

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