Since the beginning of May, the Food Truck Drive-Thru has been held at the Rivets Stadium on Wednesdays and Thursdays but as of this July 2nd, it will be held only on Thursdays and in a new location.

If you’re looking for an easy dinner option, head out to the old Toys R Us location for a Food Truck Walk-Thru! You can finally get out of your car, socially distanced, and pick up a bite to eat from 4 pm until 8 pm.

Food Trucks include:

  • Disco Chicken
  • Olivo Taco
  • The Churros Food Truck
  • Veebo’s Pizza
  • Wok n Roll by Bamboo
  • The Olive Branch


We are morphing from Drive Thru to WALK THRU
🚐🚐 ❤️ 🚐🚐 ❤️ 🚐🚐

Forest Plaza on E….

Posted by Food Truck Drive-Thru on Saturday, June 27, 2020