2020 Quality Plant of the Year

When your production is set to in-crease tenfold, it’s time to expand. This was the scene that Woodward Inc. found itself in in 2011 after winning new contracts. Staff traveled around the world to get ideas for a new manufacturing facility. What they came up with—the Rock Cut Campus in Loves Park, IL—shows what a high-tech manufacturing plant can be.

The company makes aerospace propulsion fuel systems, components and solutions for large commercial programs as well as components on major defense programs such as the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters, the F-18 and F-35 fighter jets, and key guided tactical weapons programs. In aerospace, pilots need to know that when they hit the throttle, it will respond. And Woodward goes through a lot of effort to make sure that happens.

“We test every single component we ship,” says David Forward, vice president of quality, fuel systems and controls. “I’m proud of our delivered product quality.”

This year Woodward celebrates 150 years in business. While the company does have celebrations planned for their May anniversary, they continue to look ahead. Advanced manufacturing means always searching for new ways to make tomorrow’s parts.

With its advanced manufacturing, focus on quality, and investment in the future, Woodward’s Rock Cut Campus has earned its place as the 2020 Quality Plant of the Year.

You can read the full article by Quality Magazine by visiting their website here.